A Look at Facilities Project Services


T&D specializes in providing clients with innovative and smart engineering solutions. We have experienced mechanical, electrical and civil engineering teams to work on any Facilities Project. We can also help you incorporate sustainable technologies that will benefit your project’s operating costs.

We are equipped to be a full-service, one-stop shop engineering partner for our clients, whether you are planning, building or expanding facilities. We are committed to offering innovative solutions for clients through mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services.

T&D’s focus was on providing consulting services for electric utility industry entities. Through organic growth and strategic acquisition, we added mechanical, electrical and processing (MEP), and water/wastewater markets in 2013, and in 2015, we added a civil engineering division.

We offer Facilities work in four different areas. Our engineering team has a combined 800 years of experience in the field, and they bring their vast knowledge and expertise to each project. Here are more details about the Facilities Services that we offer:

Instrumentation and Control

We offer a wide range of innovative Instrumentation and Control solutions. Our Instrument Systems Design services include flow meter engineering, control valve selection and sizing, instrument specification and procurement, burner and boiler controls, process control systems, materials handling systems, and analytical instrumentation and sampling systems.

electrical control panel cabinet
We also offer control panel and cabinet design, instrument installation, control systems engineering, DCS systems design and implementation, PLC systems design and programming, HMI system design and programming, and checkout, startup and tuning services.


T&D’s mechanical team specializes in providing clients with innovative and smart engineering solutions. We have the right experience to deliver solutions that minimize service disruption and improve operating costs. These services include HVAC; compressed air and vacuum; process piping; bulk gas, medical gas, and chemical storage and delivery; steam, boiler, and chiller facilities; plumbing; fire protection; scrubber and fume exhaust; RO, DI, and ultra-pure water; central utilities plant design; and ammonia refrigeration/cold storage.


T&D specializes in providing clients with innovative and smart engineering solutions. Our background working with a wide variety of electrical systems allows us to give your project a solid solution. These services include specification and design of complete electric systems; electrical generating plants—steam, diesel, combustion turbine; transmission systems, 69kV to 345kV; substations—power generation, stepdown, transmission; electrical distribution, all voltage levels up to 35kV; solar and wind power electrical systems; switching and power station distribution facilities and systems; emergency electrical power; supervisory control and data acquisition; and much more.

Energy and Sustainability

T&D is committed to offering green initiatives. We have a detailed understanding of the current green specifications needed for your project. We can help clients incorporate sustainable technologies that will ultimately benefit their project’s operating costs. This is a marketplace with rapidly changing technology, and we strive to be on the forefront of this technology for our clients.

Contact me today at hbarnesjr@t-d-services.com to learn more about T&D’s Facilities Project Services. Our next email will offer a look at one of our Facilities Projects to demonstrate our expertise in this space and why we are an industry leader.


Harry R. Barnes Jr.
Managing Member/Chief Executive Officer, T&D Services