Testing and Commissioning

T&D develops the correct testing and maintenance programs for each client’s power delivery project to ensure efficient and successful long-term system operation. Our goal is to provide clients with robust and cost-effective engineering designs geared toward longevity, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.  As a firm, T&D places an emphasis on the practical application of our designs.  We routinely consider the full life-cycle cost of various project design options to provide value engineering to our clients.

Acceptance testing determines each electrical equipment component is correct, ready to be placed in service, and will operate as designed. We work with and oversee the qualified personnel performing the acceptance testing.  Once our team determines equipment components are operating as anticipated, our testing engineers develop an energization plan.

We oversee energization of the complete power delivery system to verify it is operating as intended and meeting design requirements. Upon completion, the client receives full documentation of the system’s integrity and performance reports.

T&D provides consultation to our clients for development of electrical system maintenance programs to help prevent unplanned outages and maximize a service system’s lifespan. Encouraging the development of comprehensive maintenance records helps our clients identify recurring problems, improve system reliability, and prevent outages.

Below is a typical list of Testing and Commissioning Services:

  • Acceptance testing planning and supervision
  • Protection and controls system checkout
  • Protective relay settings and performance testing supervision
  • Energization planning and final system performance acceptance checks
  • Predictive and Preventative maintenance planning
  • Arc Flash safety training
  • Troubleshooting of electrical equipment or systems