T&D is composed of talented, hard-working individuals who enjoy a challenging and rewarding work environment. We are a stable, well-managed firm offering training and advancement opportunities to our staff. We provide practical field training, interaction with clients, and fast-tracked project management responsibility. T&D seeks both recent graduates and seasoned professionals to add to our well-rounded, multi-disciplinary team.

T&D strives to provide career development and advancement for our employees. The continued education and training of our staff is vitally important to T&D. Experienced staff members mentor new employees imparting knowledge and practical advice. Our staff is encouraged to regularly attend seminars and workshops to obtain training on the latest industry tools and practice methods.

T&D has a collaborative environment where engineers from different disciplines work together. This cooperative approach to projects allows electrical engineers to understand how their designs tie in with mechanical or civil engineering designs. Our clients reap the benefit of a unified design effort.

Our engineers are not pigeon-holed into particular roles or projects. Recent graduates often have the opportunity to work with different divisions and experience a diverse range of projects. T&D’s engineers spend time in the field speaking with clients, performing field investigations, and learning practical design and business skills. Our engineers experience their design work in real world settings.

T&D employees can expect to delve deep into projects from the start. Managers offer necessary support and training while allowing new hires to gain increasing responsibility and project management skills. We create leaders.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, T&D supports your career development. We provide our employees the opportunity to learn new skills, develop practical experience, and advance career their goals.