Case Study – Power Delivery Project


T&D Services is an industry leader in Power Delivery Services. We offer a wide range of services to help clients plan for the future, prevent outages and lessen downtime. Our solutions are cost-effective, technologically advanced, energy efficient and low-maintenance. We ensure that each project meets a client’s goals, timeline and budget.

In August 2011, we began working on the Jicarilla Apache Nation Power Authority (JANPA) in northwestern New Mexico. This project exemplifies T&D’s wide‐ranging capabilities in station engineering, transmission distribution and lines, protection and controls, modeling, field work, project management, bid support, negotiation and construction management.

electrical switching stationT&D worked with a construction company to deliver an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solution to create an independent tribal electric utility company for the Jicarilla Apache Nation (JAN).

A new PNM-owned Jicarilla 345kV Switching Station was built near the middle of PNM’s 160-mile long 345kV San Juan to Ojo transmission line. The station was a 3 breaker 345kV ring bus station with a 25MVAR 345kV reactor built to feed a new JAN station. The new JAN Substation located next to and fed from the adjacent Jicarilla 345kV Switching Station included a 345kV breaker, 345/115kV autotransformer, and associated four 115kV breaker ring bus initially populated with one 115kV breaker. This station was the source for the 115kV line to the town of Dulce.

power transmission linesA new 59‐mile 115kV Transmission connects the JAN Switching Station to the new Dulce Substation. Due to visual impact concerns, concrete single tangent poles were used with vertical braced post design. To allow for future load, 477 MCM ACSR conductor was used. The Dulce Substation is a 12/16/20 MVA 115/24.9kV station with a high side 115kV breaker and 3 low side feeder breakers. This station is large enough to feed the Jicarilla Nation loads for the foreseeable future.

The project also required a system inventory, data acquisition, modeling and optimization of all existing distribution devices and facilities with recommendations for improvement and optimization. Considerable distribution line work was also required to interface with the existing network.

T&D was responsible for the layout, right‐of‐way permitting, legal surveying, cultural and biological surveys, Environmental Assessment, aerial survey and photography, preliminary design and cost estimate, soil testing, final design, construction review, field inspections, communications, testing and commissioning of all 345kV, 115kV, and 29.4kV facilities.

We completed the project on time in June 2014, according to the owner’s schedule. It also came in $6 million under the owner’s budget. It is this type of due diligence that has earned us a solid reputation for integrity, honesty and customer service and helped us become an industry leader.

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Harry R. Barnes Jr.
Managing Member/Chief Executive Officer, T&D Services