Distribution Operator Services

T&D has the experience and people to work with Power Distribution Operators providing the tools and information you need to improve efficiency and the operation management. Our team of engineers will provide you with a thorough understanding of your project options and help you select the best approach for you.

T&D has experience in smart grid technology and adapting this ever- changing concept to your project in the most cost effective way. As power distribution automation continues to be the strategy for a smarter electric grid, rest assured that we will design a solution to fit your needs and then have the ability to deliver it.

Rely on T&D for these Distribution Operator Services:

  • Standards development
  • New line design
  • Overhead to underground conversion
  • Equipment selection
  • Siting and routing studies
  • Smart Grid Distribution automation
  • Microgrid design
  • Volt/VAR management
  • Asset management solutions
  • Communication network design, integration and administration