Electric Utility

345kV/115kV Switching Station

In conjunction with the design of a 345kV Switching Station, T&D completely designed an adjacent 345kV/115kV Switching Station. It contains a 345kV breaker, 50 MVA 345kV/115kV autotransformer and 115kV switchyard configured as a four breaker ring bus. The ring currently only feeds a 60 mile 115kV line to a 20 MVA, 115kV/24.9kV substation. The design was complete including the ground grid all of the foundations, equipment layout, bus work and the control house. T&D designed all of the relay, metering, and control panels, control house layout with marshalling panels, and heating and cooling equipment. T&D provided all of the engineering construction oversight,  testing,  relay settings and commissioning.