Rural Electric Cooperative Breaker Station


Location: Deming, NM
Cost: $500,000.00
Completed: 2015

T&D delivered a solution facilitating our client’s intention to implement a 69kV sectionalizing strategy in the Deming, NM area.  As the station was cut into an existing right of way on an energized line, a shoo-fly and significant amount of hot work was required to accomplish the project.  An additional line tap and private property constraints added to the project’s complexity.  The client opted to use a freestanding relay enclosure housing a SEL 351 overcurrent relay along with a small battery system and charger The 69kV breaker station included steel and wood structures to support switching for the new breaker, surge arresters, and an outdoor enclosure housing the station batteries and protection panel.  Additionally, a mobile substation H-Frame supporting a Gang Operated Air Break (GOAB) switch and surge arresters was erected in the existing substation.  Being constrained to the existing transmission line right-of-way, T&D reduced the foot print of the station to optimize the small area and used gates on each end of the station for easy access.  The overall project, linework, and station construction was completed in approximately 80 days.