Rural Electric Cooperative Substation


Location: Eastern Central Arizona on Tribal Land
Cost: $ 2.3 million
Completed: 2016

T&D completed the design, contracting, construction review, and commissioning of a substation along with transmission and distribution line modifications required to completely replace an existing station with new and higher capacity facilities.  New facilities included a distribution station, a mobile substation bay plus transmission line connections, and a future second substation connection point.

This project demonstrates T&D’s wide-ranging capabilities in field work, surveying, engineering, design, project management, negotiation, and construction management.  Further, it illustrates T&D’s willingness to go the extra mile in serving its client.  T&D facilitated communication with its client, the contractor, line sub-contractor, materials suppliers, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and also nearby residents to manage scheduling, construction, and contractual requirements.

The station was designed for operation at 115kV, but will be operated at 69kV for the foreseeable future. It is arranged for two station transformers (15/20/25 MVA) and up to eight – 25kV feeders.  The initial construction is only one-half of the ultimate buildout and included the demolition of the existing station facilities.  As the existing station was required to remain in service during the construction phase of the new station, careful coordination between the station, line contractors, and client was necessary.

T&D provided a complete design and turnkey substation encompassing the client’s supplemental engineering specifications and meeting RUS requirements.  Plans and designs were consistent with previous work completed for the client.