T&D’s Power Delivery Services


I founded T&D Services 10 years ago with my dad, Harry Barnes Sr., who has nearly 40 years of experience in high voltage power engineering and line design. We originally provided engineering and surveying services to entities in the electric utility industry, primarily rural electric cooperatives, municipalities and investor-owned utilities.

Power Delivery is at the core of what we do, and our vast industry knowledge and experience are what make T&D a leader in this space. Our professional services include the layout, design, testing and commissioning of transition lines, distribution lines, switching stations, substations, and related power delivery infrastructure. Our design experience covers all engineering aspects of design from 4kV to 345kV.

We use an interdisciplinary model, and this allows us to provide a full range of services to our clients without relying on outside contractors. We are a one-stop shop, providing robust, cost-effective and technologically advanced engineering designs that are low maintenance and energy efficient, helping clients plan for the future, prevent outages and lessen downtime.

Here are a few more details about our services:


Our professional services span all levels of electrical substation design, from concept to completion as well as ongoing support and maintenance. We develop innovative solutions to optimize new and existing structures and offer cost-effective options for expanding current equipment use.

As a recognized leader in substation engineering, T&D offers structural engineering and steel detailing for electrical substations (15 KV to 500 KV) and transmission projects. Our projects include substation structures (steel, aluminum, tubular, wide flanged, latticed and tapered tubular), transmission towers, industrial structures, highway sign structures, as well as foundations.

Transmission and Distribution Lines

We are qualified to handle all aspects of the power delivery process. We can complete the design and construction of overhead transmission lines using wood, steel or concrete structures in voltages ranging from 69kV to 345kV. Our distribution services include overhead and underground distribution lines in voltages ranging from 7.2kV to 34.5kV. This includes routing, layout, site selection, structure spotting, field engineering using GPS grade survey equipment and much more.

Power System Studies

The Power System Studies that we offer help our clients maximize the performance, reliability and efficiency of their electrical power system. Our Power System Engineers are familiar with authorities having local jurisdiction, utility systems and applications. Recognized as industry experts in codes and standards compliance, many of our engineers participate in IEEE leadership on a local and national level.

Testing and Commissioning

We create right testing and maintenance programs for your project, guaranteeing efficient, long-term operation of projects. Acceptance testing determines that each piece of electrical equipment is ready to be placed in service and will operate as designed. We work with and oversee the qualified personnel performing the acceptance testing. Once our team determines that individual pieces of equipment are operating as anticipated, our testing engineers develop an energization plan.

The Power Delivery Solutions that we offer extend to Protective Relaying, Construction Management, Distribution Operator Services and Automation, Data Acquisition and Control. Our careful attention to detail is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Contact me today at hbarnesjr@t-d-services.com to learn more about T&D’s Power Delivery Services and why we are the industry leader. In our next email, we will explore one of our projects that showcases our Power Delivery expertise.


Harry R. Barnes Jr.
Managing Member/Chief Executive Officer, T&D Services