T&D’s Power Generation Services


At T&D Services, we offer a wide range of Power Generation Services. We capitalize on the robust and vast expertise of our team, which has a combined 800 years of engineering experience.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Power Generation Services, including the evaluation, development and engineering of renewable and emerging renewable technologies. Our interdisciplinary approach means that we don’t rely on outside sources and offer clients low-maintenance, cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Strategic Counseling

We can identify and manage project risks, plan for successful project execution and ensure responsive performance of contracted activities. T&D’s complete strategic consulting services include transactional support, Independent Engineer Due Diligence (INDD), and the following:

  • Project development support
  • Site selection and environmental assessments
  • Licensing and permitting support
  • Conceptual and preliminary engineering studies
  • Plant performance modeling
  • Project capital and lifecycle cost estimates
  • Contract development and negotiating support
  • Project implementation and compliance reviews
  • Project financing support
  • Financial pro forma development and analysis
  • Risk and condition assessments
  • Value engineering studies
  • Procurement services

Project execution oversight is also included in our services.

Solar Thermal

T&D is experienced in the evaluation, development and engineering of renewable and emerging renewable technologies, including geothermal, wind, PV and concentrated solar PV, solar thermal, fuel cells, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), Organic Rankine Cycle and Stirling engines, solid fuel gasification and liquefaction, and energy storage systems.

Our renewables strategic consulting services include emerging technology and commercial readiness assessments, fatal flaw analyses, performance modeling and financial evaluations, feasibility studies, and conceptual engineering development.

We also conduct the complete spectrum of licensing activities and preparation of licensing documents at the federal, state and local levels.

Solar Voltaic

T&D has experience on more than 500 MW of solar PV projects, and this helps clients meet increasing requests for reliable solar power. Our wide range of in-house services includes environmental studies and support, permitting, 3D preliminary and conceptual design, detailed multidiscipline engineering design, construction support and management, testing and commissioning, and owner’s engineering.


T&D is experienced with multiple facets of utility, ISO/RTO and developer interconnection requirements. We have a solid understanding of environmental issues surrounding wind projects, translating to full-service support for our clients. Our wind generation services include initial facility evaluation, environmental siting and permitting of the plant and interconnected facilities, owner’s engineering, detailed design of related system components, construction management and electrical commissioning.

Contact me today at hbarnesjr@t-d-services.com to learn more about T&D’s Power Generation Services. In our next email, we will discuss one of our Power Generation projects, demonstrating why we are the industry leader in this space.


Harry R. Barnes Jr.
Managing Member/Chief Executive Officer, T&D Services