The T&D Difference


In 2007, I founded T&D Services with my dad, Harry Barnes Sr., to offer a wide range of high-quality engineering and surveying solutions for electric utility industry entities and municipalities.

Over the past 10 years, we have built the business from the ground up, utilizing the extensive experience of our staff along with our practical knowledge, field experience and more. We have grown from five to 50 employees, and we are now an industry leader. Here’s why:

We Take an Interdisciplinary Approach

oil and gas equipmentWe always listen to our clients’ needs and follow industry trends. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include a diverse group of solutions, including the layout, design, testing, and commissioning of transmission lines, distribution lines, switching stations, substations and related power delivery infrastructure. We also provide clients with general system modeling, studies, arc flash analysis, system protection and power supply and system planning. T&D also serves the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), fire protection/life safety and water/wastewater markets.

Our wide range of offerings means that we can take a unified, interdisciplinary approach to each project. We never rely on outside sources, which means we provide clients with robust, cost-effective, and technologically advanced engineering designs geared toward longevity, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

We Have a Solid Business Foundation

While T&D Services has a strong engineering base, we also have a solid business structure. Before co-founding T&D, I worked for an investment management firm where I managed $250 million in net assets. My background in strategic business management ensures the financial stability and fiscal responsibly of the company. We are a stable, well-capitalized business, which has allowed us to grow strategically.

Because we have a solid business foundation and offer such a range of services, our clients keep coming back. We have built a trustworthy relationship with them, and they know that we can meet all project requirements through goal setting and planning for resource allocations.

We Offer Unmatched Expertise

Men analyzing technical schematicsI founded T&D Services with my dad based on his decades of experience in high-voltage power engineering and line design. The rest of our leadership team consists of Licensed Professional Engineers, and our entire team collectively has more than 800 years of experience. We can solve problems in minutes that would take others days to solve. Our high level of experience and the fact that our founding professionals are still with the company gives T&D the highest level of credibility in the industry.

We Encourage Learning and Leadership

We foster a dedication to customer service, and our employees model this behavior with every customer interaction. T&D encourages engineers to go out into the field to communicate face-to-face with clients, walk through project sites and check the practical application and functionality of their designs. This reinforces their dedication to each project and to meeting clients’ needs.

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Harry R. Barnes Jr.
Managing Member/Chief Executive Officer, T&D Services